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Clara Da Costa Looks Forward To Clockwork Orange

Ibiza 2014 and the chat of the superclub and super brand is rampant, there seems to be a party fitting of the tag in all of the famous Ibiza venues but where did the term come from? Clockwork Orange was one of, if not THE, first clubbing brand to merit the accolade, as it captured the hearts of clubbers throughout its Ibiza tenure in the nineties (between 94 – 99), attracting its crowd from all over the world as it delivered countless roadblock parties in the heart of San Antonio. Fast forward twenty years and Clockwork Orange is getting set for as triumphant return to the island to celebrate its two decade anniversary with a party in Es Paradis on Friday July 25 and a beach party at Sands Beach club on Sunday July 27. With recent Clockwork Orange events in the UK selling out in record time, further underlining that this was more than just a party to those that attended, Friday July 25 promises to be a return to the crazy Clockwork days of old.


A young Clara Da Costa was an integral part of the Es Paradis crew in the nineties and became one of the Clockwork Orange residents, spending many of her formative DJ years in the Es Paradis DJ booth surrounded by some of the biggest names on the UK scene at that time. Clara has remained on the island long after the Clockwork phenomenon moved on, becoming a driving force on the island’s local scene as well as playing at many of the big parties. Her ‘Jacks House’ show on Ibiza Sonica radio is not only a great source for amazing new music but also a damn good listen if you like your house music. Clara returns to Es Paradis on Friday July 25, joining Jeremy Healy, Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul and Brandon Block & Alex P in the booth as the iconic clubbing brand celebrates its twentieth anniversary in the best way it knows, with a massive party! We caught up with Clara to get an idea of what life was like in the Clockwork Orange booth back in the day and what we should expect from the reunion on July 25…

Clockwork Orange was one of your first Ibiza residencies, what did the party mean to you back then? 
The party was in a league of it’s own, just simply a proper party with all the right ingredients –100% fun and putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Every Wednesday there was an amazing buzz in the air. Everyone came to Clockwork and everyone loved it.

It was one of the genuine super brands on the island at that time, what was it like to be a part of that on a weekly basis? 
It did not feel like a super brand as that label was pretty much unheard of back then although I think they had a big hand in creating that label. The difference with Clockwork and other super brands is that it always had, and still has an organic edge. It was never necessary to force feed the brand down people’s throats. Although it was promoted and marketed in a genius way, it was like a magnet to the party people.


What was it about Clockwork Orange that captured the imagination of a clubbing generation?
Great line-ups and a guaranteed good time, the partnership between Andy Manston and Danny Gould was perfect to create this. Two party animals in love with music who created a great bond with all their regular DJs and friendships with all the clubbers. Basically, they created a Clockwork family that is still strong and alive today.

What is your lasting memory of playing in Clockwork Orange?
Last time I played for Clockwork Orange was the first big reunion in 2013 back in London. It was brilliant. Everybody turned out and it was just like a massive family reunion of original clubbers dancing, smiling, cheering and having the best time. It was very special.

Friday July 25 sees the party return to Es Paradis to celebrate its 20th anniversary, what are you most looking forward to from the reunion?
Just having everyone back together and seeing my hermanos Brandon Block and Alex P back in the club behind the decks doing damage ha-ha. It will be the first time I have played in Es Paradis in six years so it will be a very nostalgic evening. It will be nostalgic for everyone involved. I am also looking forward to sharing this experience with some of the new generation that will be joining us.

There have been several sold out Clockwork Orange parties in London recently, has the success of the return surprised you?
Not at all. Danny Gould is probably the best promoter I have ever known. He works tirelessly to pull off every event he stages and he keeps his promise of an amazing experience true to the core. Both Danny and Andy really care and love what they created and their energy around the parties is infectious. They created a loyal army of oldskool clubbers.


The party clearly still holds a special place in the hearts of those that loved it back in the day, is there a chance that the new generation of Ibiza clubber will take it to their hearts?
Absolutely. Classic house has most recently made a huge comeback and they will hear it from some of the best in the business. They won’t just experience the music, they will also experience the original nature of clubbing and hopefully forget themselves and just lose themselves in the vibe.

What can we expect from your set, will you be digging out some Clockwork classics? 
I am not sure what time I am playing yet so will just be taking a good collection of everything and make sure they set up the Technics. It would be rude to not play a bit of vinyl.

What was the definitive Clockwork anthem for you? 
Ohhhhh, there are so many but Hysteric Ego, ‘Want Love’ always reminds me of being in Es Paradis at full capacity.

Clockwork Orange was one of the first big Ibiza residencies, where anything could and sometimes did happen, what’s the stand out memory for you as an early resident? 
Sometimes I would climb up onto the upper indoor roof area (It is not there anymore) and I remember one particular night especially. I sat up there alone for a few minutes and just looked over the entire club firing off on all cylinders. The water fountains were erupting and filling up the central dance floor, Danny was on the mic in the DJ booth cheering out to all the clubbers, Andy was on the decks and the entire place was bursting with the most incredible energy. It was like looking into somebody’s dream. I sat and smiled, grabbed my drink and rejoined the party.

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