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Set for Ibiza

Clockwork Orange is one of the seminal UK club brands that landed in Ibiza in the nineties and helped shape the sleepy Balearic islands transformation into the clubbing capital of the world. Thousands of clubbers would descend on the Clockwork party every week in Es Paradis, where they would witness some of the finest DJs around deliver a musical journey that would live long in the memory. From the heart of the party on the island, Clockwork Orange would become one of the biggest parties in clubland, filling venues wherever it toured, conjuring up memories of Ibiza at every major club in the UK, playing to thousands regularly.

2014 sees the brand celebrate its twentieth anniversary and to commemorate it, what better way than to return to the place that started it all and host another massive party. Friday July 25 in Es Paradis is exactly that, another chance to savour the unique flavour of one of these Ibiza parties, to take a nostalgic step back in time, remember Ibiza of old and bask in the musical selection of some of your favourite DJs. For those too young to have enjoyed this magical party, it’s a chance to see what all the fuss was about and to step into a genuine piece of Ibiza clubbing history. As Clockwork Orange gets set to unveil the plans for the big party, we caught up with Danny Gould, one of the driving forces behind the Clockwork party, to get an idea of what we can look forward to on Friday July 25…

Clockwork 3

Clockwork Orange celebrates its 20th anniversary with a massive party in Es Paradis this summer, how big a part did Ibiza play in the evolution of the brand?
Ibiza is Clockwork, Clockwork is Ibiza. Clockwork is a fuse of all things Ibiza in the ‘80s and ‘90s, we were children of the Balearic revolution, we grew up in Ibiza and Clockwork grew with us, it was our summer residencies that shaped Clockwork and made it the countrywide recognised brand it is today.

You hosted some reunion parties recently that sold out, how pleasing is it that there is a still a great deal of love for the party?
The love is even greater today than it ever was, todays crowd of yesterday has done the parenting, mortgage, marriage and responsibilities etc and now they are reliving their youth. The atmosphere is even better, and that is some statement.

Clockwork 4

It must be especially fulfilling to see a new generation of clubber embracing your unique party atmosphere?
To be honest, the crowd age averages around 30 something to 40, sounds so weird, but we put the kids to shame, the young-uns that do come along are like, what is going on? The atmosphere is like nothing they have ever experienced.

What can we expect from the party in Es Paradis on Friday July 25?
A true taste of the ‘90s – faces, friends, smiling faces and a buzz that makes you shiver, an atmosphere that is alive to the point of electric, the superstar DJs, a water party, it’s a time machine in glorious technicolour.

Clockwork Orange blazed a trail for many of the parties that now call Ibiza home, had you any idea when you started that it was going to become the clubbing capital it is today?
We loved Ibiza before it was the Mecca it became and we love it now. It went from Balearic to Vegas, Balearic is me to the very core, you can keep your Vegas. It went from the hippy retreat of the ‘60s to the discovery of Balearic in the ‘80s, this is where my journey with Ibiza began and which I cherish dearly today.

Clockwork 7

What are your lasting memories of the Clockwork Orange Ibiza parties?
3,500 clubbers a week in Es Paradis ‘97 and ‘98, records nobody will ever beat, the crowd noise was so intense you thought the roof would come off, the water party nights where 1000 people were jumping up and down, the awesome line ups, the mental crazy parties at the villa, which was every night from ‘94 to ‘99. The union of all club promoters in the ‘90s, the endless fancy restaurants, women, cocaine and E’s, the beaches and pure unadulterated magic. They are my most cherished memories and I cannot wait to relive it all over again.

Is there a chance you might be tempted back to the island for a yearly get together?
Possibly, I’ll leave that one there.

Ibiza has changed dramatically from those early clubbing days, what has been the most dramatic change you have noticed?
It has gone from dusty, sleepy Balearic island to the money making machine it is today, that’s ok, yet money kills the love, there are no more flyers with scribbled pleas of entrance between friends, it’s all about the dollar, the dusty tracks are gone and replaced with motorways, saying that, no matter what happens, there is an unseen magic to Ibiza which I always have and always will cherish.

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