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The Return c/o Essential Ibiza

To say Clockwork Orange made a triumphant return to Ibiza to celebrate its 20th anniversary is something of an understatement. From the pre-party at legendary Café Mambo, to the party in Es Paradis and the day time vibe of Sands beach club, Clockwork invaded Ibiza with an army of followers and delivered the roadblock that made it one of the island’s most influential parties throughout the nineties. Danny Gould and Andy Manston had achieved what they set out to and brought back the glory days. We asked Danny to capture the experience in his own words…

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“To say there was a buzz in the air was an understatement, if you were a friend of anyone attending Clockwork In Ibiza’s 20th Anniversary your Facebook/ Twitter newsfeed would have been buzzing Orange, excited this, buzzing that, cant wait ‘eeeeeek!’. It wasn’t as good as the ‘90s and the super-club Ibizan Blighty days, it was better. Why?
Those glorious days of old have been and gone, submitted to the banks of memories and everything retro, the days of Ibiza when we ruled the roost, our very own playground, freedom basked in sunshine most endless, the kick-start and foundation of todays Ibiza started by Clockwork Orange in 1994, then Manumission and followed by an endless stream of England’s finest promoters. We had drawn on those days for so very long and now it was time to relive them in glorious technicolour – Orange once more.


Cafe Mambo
Half way through the Clockwork pre-party at Mambo, as the high fives, cuddles and knuckles were in free flow, the sun was setting. To the untrained eye, it was just another amazing sunset, crystal clear and Orange, then the buzz started to spread of the wonder before our eyes, THIS, for the first time in 20 years, was a sunset so clear, so unique, you could see the mainland of Denia! To say it was luck, to state it was an occurrence is totally unjust, this was a Clockwork sunset on the 20th Anniversary of Clockwork and Mambo and a sunset that happens every 20 years, timed to absolute precision. It was an emotional time, all the Cafe Mambo memories came flooding back, when it first started in 1994 alongside Clockwork, when we hung out with the coolest and craziest that the island had to offer, long before the uber cool, I don’t do drugs and business minded folk took over.

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Es Paradis
The atmosphere we created at Es Paradis from ‘94 to ‘99 were legendary. Those days were cherished by thousands who passed through the doors and are spoken about with passion some 20 years later above extraordinary, a league above, something very special, electric at it’s pinnacle. A true step back in time for the likes of myself and Andy Manston, we started Clockwork Ibiza in Es Paradis at the tender age of 22! The line up was the best we had ever assembled at Es Paradis – Judge Jules, Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block & Alex P, Tall Paul & Seb Fontaine, Andy Manston and Clara da Costa – the club packed to the brim, producing an atmosphere to rival the past. All topped of with a water party in which I was seen jumping around like a loon bag central in the middle, just like the old days! We were home once again. Back where we belonged.


Sands Beach Club Sunday
Thisparty always had an underlying buzz from the start, the beach, the sunshine, Clockwork and the beautiful location of Sands. This was the icing on the Orange weekend, the creme de la creme, the music just got better and better from the word go and at 12 noon, the dancing started. I have never danced for as long as I did at Sands, I started at 12 and finished at 12, I just couldn’t stand still, and seeing as it was all on fizzy water, red bull and cigarettes it was remarkable! All my dreams had come true, it all just came together so amazingly, the buzz was incredible, a sea of smiling happy faces, emblazoned in happiness. It sounds corny, that’s what it was, in all my 22 years as a club promoter I have promoted some amazing events, this for me was the best of the best, so raw, so natural.


Ibiza 2015
We return this year, with new line ups, some real surprises (if we pull them off), the same format but with little tweaks here and there to make it bigger and better than before. DJs confirmed so far include Marshall Jeffereson, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Grooverider, Paul trouble Anderson, Brandon Block & Alex p, Clara da Costa, Jason Bye and Jon Ullysses, to name but a few.

Hold tight it’s Clockwork… x”


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