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Ibiza “Clockwork Returns” 2014

Recent years has seen Ibiza gone millionaire global. The days of the 90s true insanity has long gone, today it’s about multi million pound hotel complexes, huge sponsorship deals, private jets and open cheque books securing DJs services. However two young men who know the island inside out are about to change all that with one mad week in July…Clockwork are back on the white isle to set the record straight and put the fun back into the party. But don’t take our word for it, here Danny Gould rolls up his sleeves and slaps on the factor 14 for another Balearic adventure…


“How exciting is this CLOCKWORK IBIZA Buzz? Villas, hotels, clobber, diets, sunny shine, sunsets, scantily clad, dancing and sweating, swimming in the Med, sunburn and brown toes, new bins (sunglasses) sit ups, press ups, V and O and V and RBull, water party and all the DJ Boys, bumbles, fumbles, romances new and old, BANK LOANS, RE-MORTGAGES, we only live twice is the NEW motto and this is the 2nd time, Mums and dads and all of us TOGETHER under the same pyramid roof reliving our youth, YES, reliving, yet this time its better, much better, cos, when we do have it, WE TRULY FUCKING HAVE IT…look out young uns cos the flabsters and Moobies are coming to get ya, stand aside, pose as you wish, for the Army most Orange is gonna educate you in the ways of Ibiza old, Olds cool Kiddies and best you dont forget it. This was our island if but for a short period, yet its there for the taking once more.”

Danny welcome back to DMCWORLD, your words above will have everyone drooling for July! So…how did the whole Clockwork in Ibiza adventure begin, you were one of the first UK nights to venture to the Balearic madness…

“I was an Ibiza Boy from the age of 17, Andy had been out there since ’89 and I spent my first summer there in 1992. I was going to go back in 1994 and Andy ‘said let’s take Clockwork to Ibiza’. In those days it was easy, within a month or so we had Wednesday nights sorted and so began the most amazing journey of my life.”

Why did Es Paradis suit the Clockwork vibe so well?

“I was a San An boy. I loved Space and KU as it was called back then was massive beyond comprehension. Amnesia we thought too far and Pacha too pony…we loved Es Paradis, it was and still is an amazing venue rich in history.”

The parade was genius – what is your favourite tale from those hours spent wandering around dressed in togas?

“The Roma parties were wicked…


…throwing air bombs in restaurants, getting jiggy in darkened alleys dressed as a senator, buzzing on the Paradis sangria, taking over Renaissance’s pre party…the peoples’ faces when 100 Roma themed soldiers and gladiators walked by chanting ‘Clockwork Orange Paradis tonight’ was priceless.”

Your after parties were legendary. Who were the big name DJs that always missed their flights?

“All of them; Craig Campbell once missed two flights home, well thinking about it, they all did. Who wanted to go home? It was an adventure wonderland….”

Did you ever get arrested?

“I was arrested after the van crash, after being beaten up. Hey ho.”

Did club wars exist when Clockwork ruled the roost?

“Never, there was an unwritten code. It was called Balearic, we even postered each others cars, it was a crack. There was two birds who worked for Renaissance who used to flyer our queue, it made no difference anyway, they always ended up at ours at about 5am and then back to the villa. We all got along and partied together and went to each others parties cos in the 94-98 era there was only 1 party a night.”

Danny Ibiza broke your heart when the Clockwork name was licensed by a rogue Spaniard. Was it a hard decision going back to the white isle?

“Ibiza is inside me, it’s in my heart and soul. From the very first minute in 1989 until Clockwork finished 2000, it was one fuck off crazy ride but I never stopped loving the island, we return as Clockwork grows mighty once more, mighty enough to truly show what the old days were really all about, so NO, it’s not hard…it’s natural.”

Was it easy getting Es Paradis on board for this summer?

“They are old friends. Our night was the most successful night ever at Es Paradis, it’s where all our unforgotten youthful memories are stored…was easy as 1-2-3…”

What are the plans for the other party during this week of madness?

“It’s a free party at Sands now, you can’t quote Balearic with giving something away – that’s truly Balearic. Not rinsing the fucking life out of people and treat ‘em like cunts.”

How are you going to handle it all being tea total?

“I always loved the music and the people…and that’s what it is today for me – and I LOVE IT!! Cocaine made me insular which I totally am not, the rest made me even crazier, now I absorb it all Dan.” There is nothing better than a packed club going right off for a buzz.”

Who from the mentalist brigade are you worried about coming over?

“Clockwork is all about getting truly off your canister and cutting loose, I truly hope the old leaders of the packs come out to play…the ones we remember, love and who I used to aspire to be like – how crazy is that? Aspiring to be mental?!?!”

How has the island changed since your heyday?

“Clockwork is bringing back the OLD IBIZA. Back in the day we knew dusty tracks and wastelands, the days before Mambo just as the rooves where being put on all the clubs. Now there is no wasteland, it’s become the greatest money making venture in the Med…it’s so competitive. Now is the time to bring back the love.”

What one DJ are you REALLY looking forward to seeing there?”

“Healy hasn’t had a good crack at Ibiza in years. Jeremy’s bringing his magic, he was the master of Clockwork 97-98, I never saw anyone have the club in the palm of their hand like Jezza…”

And finally, are you worried about Andy staying the distance?

“Well as for manky doodle Andy, he still gets stuck in and at Es Paradis and Sands (which is his birthday), that boy will be on fine form, the claw will be majestic.”

The Clockwork superstar DJs get stuck in…

What is your favourite memory from Clockwork in Ibiza?

“My 5 hour set in 1998 on August 5th for Clockwork’s 5th Birthday celebrations. It was Clockwork’s busiest ever night at Es Paradis…3500 people in the club and it was the night the heat kept tripping onto the electrics tripping the power. Every time the lights went off everyone started cheering even louder…then suddenly the power would kick in and the vinyl span back into the beat ensuring even more chaos. A very cherished memory of mine.” Jeremy Healy

“1995…my first gig at Clockwork Ibiza with myself and Judge Jules. The boys where against Up Yer Ronson at Ku and Ronson were the Goliath big boys against David of Clockwork. We all turned the corner to Es Paradis and the biggest crowd were waiting. Obviously I missed my plane the next day.” Seb Fontaine

“Getting out of the Clockwork villa alive – those boys were off the wall, through the wall and over it. They just didn’t know when to stop.” Tall Paul

“The night me and Blocko played against Tall Paul and Seb Fontaine. It was fucking heaving, we were upstairs and they were downstairs…we smashed ‘em right up! I dropped Robert Miles cos Gouldy said as I walked in…”Peasy, drop Robert Miles – they will go crazy…and they did.” Alex P

“I remember absolutely nothing, not a thing.” Brandon Block

Some of the records you associate with Clockwork in Ibiza…

“El Nino, Bombscare, Leftfield PhatPlannet, Billie Jean…” Jeremy Healy

“’To The Beat Of The Drum’, Robert Miles ‘Children’, Laurent Garnier ‘The Man With The Red Face’.” Seb Fontaine

“You name it from 94-99 and every single one a belter – that 2-6 slot saw the whole club rocking…” Tall Paul

“Josh Wink ‘Higher State, ‘French Kiss’, the night I dropped ‘Voodoo Ray’ and the whole club was singing oooooh ooooh oooh aaaah aaaah aaah yeah.” Brandon Block

“Robert Owens ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’ and the New Order ‘Blue Monday’ remix…” Alex P

What are you looking forward to the most at the party of the summer?

“Reliving the good old glorious Clockwork Ibiza days, albeit with a few more years added.” Jeremy Healy

“Being amongst the best gathering of friends and old faces, the best collection Ibiza ever assembled.” Seb Fontaine

“The Clockwork’s I have played at so far since they relaunched have brought back the love buzz that was missing, that real 88-89 togetherness. You can see it at the parties and through the hysteria for their parties on Facebook.” Tall Paul